Reliable spares at great prices

When you need replacement parts for your engine, don't pay more than you have to. Adelaide Corolla Recyclers's quality used car parts are fully guaranteed, and a fraction of the price of their factory equivalents. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing great spare parts at the best prices offered in Cavan. 

Expert mechanics

The team at Adelaide Corolla Recyclers is comprised of experienced, professional mechanics. We know how to remove parts from our wrecks safely, to ensure the used car parts we offer are of the highest possible quality. 

Adelaide Corolla Recyclers also has the expert knowledge required to give you the best possible advice when it comes to spare car parts. Give one of our team a call in Cavan today. 

Reconditioning specialists

Adelaide Corolla Recyclers in Cavan's experience and expertise means that the used car parts we extract are fully reconditioned before they're made available to you. Often our reconditioned parts are indistinguishable from brand new equivalent spares, so you get exactly what you need at an excellent price.

Sourcing parts

The combined experience of Adelaide Corolla Recyclers's team leads to another advantage of our used car parts service. We have a wide range of connections in the motor parts industry, which means that if we don't have the spare you need on-site in Cavan, we can almost certainly source it for you.